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Lasting Color with ColorPlus® Technology from James Hardie®

Lasting Color with ColorPlus® Technology from James Hardie®

If you’re aiming to enhance or change the look of your home’s exteriors, you might want to consider picking a new color scheme. Your siding is one of your home’s most visible design elements, which means that it has to make the best impression. When its colors are already peeling or fading, invest in a better and lasting option, like ColorPlus® Technology from James Hardie®.

Your expert Atlanta siding contractor, Nelson Exteriors Inc., shares why this is an excellent choice for your home.

1. Consistent Application—James Hardie® is the leading brand for quality siding in North America, and with its ColorPlus® technology, you can benefit from vivid colors that can endure extreme weather and the passage of time. This is possible through its durable, multi-coat finish that covers every surface and edge of your home’s trim and siding. Between coats, this finish is cured in a controlled environment to create a stronger bond that allows it to resist chipping, cracking, or peeling.

2. Extensive Color Palette—You won’t lack for color choices when you choose ColorPlus® Technology. This comes in a variety of colors that can last two times longer than a regular paintjob. James Hardie has narrowed the options to create lovely, tried-and-tested shades that can match the architecture and existing décor of your home.

3. Solid Warranty—Investing in ColorPlus Technology qualifies you for a strong 15-year warranty that covers both paint and labor.

4. Maintenance-Free—You’ll never have to worry about maintenance, as well. Since your siding won’t require painting due to this advanced system, you can save yourself from the stress and expenses involved with the task.

5. Superior Fade Resistance—Treating your siding in Atlanta with ColorPlus® Technology ensures that colors stay vibrant for longer. Its baked-on coating has great durability and resistance to cold and moisture. This system also offers unmatched fade resistance from damaging UV rays, making it a better option than vinyl and paint.

To maintain your home’s lovely and durable exteriors, choose our James Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® technology. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.


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