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The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home

A carefully chosen exterior color scheme can transform your home from plain to picture-worthy. With the various color options available to you, however, choosing the right combination can be confusing. In this article, Nelson Exteriors gives you tips for creating exterior color combinations that can bring out the best in your home’s facade:

Do Create Contrast

When doing exterior painting in Alpharetta, GA, do combine flat and shiny surfaces. Use flat finishes on your home’s body and shiny finishes to accent millwork.

To highlight architectural features such as a decorative trim or a magnificent front door, go for a hue that contrasts against the surrounding areas. A warm colored door, for instance, will stand out when paired with a cool colored façade. To create a subtler look, use colors from the same family, such as a red door surrounded by brick.

Don’t Stick to Neutrals

Don't overlook bolder colors in favor of neutrals. You can try more exciting colors depending on the style of your home. Give a traditional white farmhouse a fresh take with an apricot exterior with green accents. A craftsman home may look good in nature-inspired paint colors and darker hues.

Do Look for Inspiration

Take a tour around your neighborhood to find inspiration and note color combinations that you find attractive. This also gives you the chance to check for covenants that may dictate the colors you can use when home painting in Marietta, GA. You can also look to nature for color pegs. Green, brown, and coppery tones that appear in nature always look good when combined.

You can also turn to paint manufacturers for color suggestions, since they turn to designers to create pleasing pairings for various home styles. Better yet, seek advice from Nelson Exteriors. We help homeowners decide on the ideal color combination through various vendor-provided tools. For instance, our Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer lets you apply different color schemes to various room settings. Meanwhile, Pittsburg Paints and Porter Paints have an incredible Color Sense game, which evaluates your unique color scheme based on your personality.

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