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Tips for Planning Your Exterior Painting Project

Tips for Planning Your Exterior Painting Project

A new coat of paint is perhaps the most affordable way you can update your exterior. Nonetheless, as with most home improvement projects, painting in Marietta, GA, requires careful planning to ensure you get everything exactly right. Here are some tips on planning for an exterior painting from Nelson Exteriors:

Match the Paint and the Surface

Choosing the Painting Projectpaint itself will depend on the exterior surface, so take note if it’s wood, aluminum, vinyl, stucco or masonry. Most paints are formulated for color retention, mildew resistance, and some flexibility for the expansion and contraction that comes with temperature changes. Exterior paints generally fall into two categories: latex and oil/alkyd, with each having their own unique benefits. The following are common exterior surfaces and which paints work best.

1. Walls — Latex generally works well with wood, vinyl, aluminum, and stucco, though some manufacturers advise against painting without proper treatment. If you’re unsure, consult the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Metal — Application of primer on iron and steel is essential before applying latex or oil/alkyd paints. Aluminum and galvanized metal will also need to be primed, but only if you’re using oil/alkyd  paint, while latex can be applied directly.

3. Trim — Both paint types are appropriate for most trim materials.

4. Masonry and Brickwork — You’ll want to show off the beautiful natural finish of masonry and brick. Instead of painting it, apply protective coatings to seal the natural looks in effectively.

Choose the Sheen

Choosing the paint sheen is mostly a matter of taste, as nearly every color is available in several kinds of sheen. You can hire a professional painting contractor for custom color blends for exterior or interior painting in Roswell, GA. If you decide to blend your own, don’t mix paints with different sheens; the results would be unpredictable and likely inconsistent.

1. Flat or Matte — Matte softens exterior surfaces where you don’t want them to be shiny. It is ideal for body siding.

2. Satin — Slightly glossier than matte, this is ideal if you want a matte finish that’s easier to clean. Perfect for trim, window frames, shutters, and other surfaces that require occasional cleaning.

3. Gloss — Choose a glossy sheen for areas that require regular cleaning: doors, garage doors, decorative metal pieces, gutters, downspouts, and accent trim.

4. High Gloss — This produces a hard and shiny surface, and is excellent for showpieces such as the front door or decorative fixtures. Note that the glossier the surface is, the more obvious imperfections such as gouges, dents and scratches will be.

On top of our roofing and siding services, we also offer exterior painting in Alpharetta, GA. If you would like to know more, call us today at (678) 283-8171. You may also fill out our contact form for a free, no-obligation quote.


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