Tips on Starting Spring Maintenance the Right Way

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As you set about your spring maintenance, be sure to check on two of your home's most essential components: your roof and siding. They play an active role in protecting your home from extensive water damage and maintaining its comfort and efficiency. For this reason, make sure that they remain in top form.

Spring House Maintenance

Let Nelson Exteriors, your premier Atlanta siding contractor, help you get started on your spring maintenance. With these handy tips, we'll make sure your home is in great condition for the rest of the year.

1. Inspect your roof. Like your siding, your roof takes up a large part of your home. Acting as a shield against the harsh elements, it also helps keep your interiors more thermally comfortable while helping reduce your energy costs. For your spring maintenance, take out your binoculars and use them to survey your roof's condition. See if the flashing is torn or loose — these components will require immediate repairs as they protect the vulnerable parts of your roof.

Check for cracked, buckling, or missing shingles. Age and weather damage might factor in your shingles' condition. If there are also recurring leaks in your home, it might indicate more serious issues. Consult Nelson Exteriors for a comprehensive inspection. Depending on the results, we'll suggest either to extend your roof's life through repairs, or invest in roof replacement as a lasting solution. We install GAF asphalt roof systems, ensuring lasting protection and performance for your home.

2. Make sure your siding is in optimal shape. Holes and cracks might appear along your siding due to extreme weather. Holes larger than a quarter might need a patching job. You can also check for peeling or fading paint, and examine areas with signs of mold and mildew.

Rotted siding found in different areas might be beyond repair and should prompt swift attention from Nelson Exteriors. We are Atlanta's James Hardie Preferred contractor offering fiber cement as the best option for siding replacement in Marietta, and Metro Atlanta. This option features excellent resistance against heat, cold, mold, and rot. It also holds color longer and is more maintenance-free than conventional siding options.

Make your spring maintenance worry-free by turning to Nelson Exteriors. With our high-quality products and expert team, we'll make sure your home remains cozy and damage-free. Call us at (678) 283-8171 or schedule a free consultation today for a free estimate.