Top 4 Factors That Affect Your Siding Color Choice

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Next to your roof, your siding is probably the most visible component of your home. As such, its color can make or break curb appeal, so you'll want to put some thought into your final choice.

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To help you get started, Nelson Exteriors lists these four factors to consider when choosing a color for your siding in Atlanta:

1. Architectural Style of Your Home

Aim to strike the perfect balance between your personal style and that of your home's architecture. For instance, if your house has lots of wooden features or designs, then you should go for warm or neutral tones for a cohesive outlook.

2. Location

Is your house set against a backdrop of hills and valleys, or do you wake up to the azure waves of the ocean every day? Let the natural tones surrounding your home be your guide in choosing the perfect siding color. This way, your house will not look out of place with its environment. As your trusted Atlanta siding contractor, we offer a vast array of color palettes, including James Hardie Siding's ColorPlus Technology, so you can be sure of finding a hue to match your home.

3. Sentimental Value

If you are planning to put your home on the market in the not-too-distant future, you can go for colors that will appeal the most to a potential buyer's emotions. You can play it safe with the neutral greys and browns, or you can go all out with the cool blues and greens.

4. Balance of Color Choices

If you'd prefer to mix and match your siding colors, make sure that they blend beautifully with each other. For instance, yellow and blue are both fantastic choices, but placing them side by side can make your home look like a LEGO structure.

As the top siding company in Marietta, Nelson Exteriors will work with you to determine the ideal color choices that go with your siding based on these factors. We also offer a variety of siding options, including fiber cement, aluminum, stucco, fiberglass, and wood.

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