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4 Signs You Need to Let Your Old Siding Go

4 Signs You Need to Let Your Old Siding Go

Siding doesn’t last forever. Time, the elements, and inclement weather will eventually take their toll on your siding, causing it to crack and break. Replacing worn siding can enhance the safety and energy efficiency of your home, as well as save you from time and budget consuming renovations.


The leading Atlanta siding contractor, Nelson Exteriors, list four signs that say it’s time for siding replacement:

#1. Nature Damage
The chance of your siding wearing out is higher if you live in an area prone to frequent rain, storms, hail, or high winds. You know nature has wreaked havoc on your siding when you see denting, chipping, cracking, and other damage. These may limit the ability of your siding to protect your home against the elements.

#2. Bubbles or Blisters
Often, bubbles under the surface of your siding indicate that water was or still is trapped underneath. This defeats your siding’s main purpose, which is to keep water away from your walls to prevent mold formation and internal rotting.

#3. Dry Rot
Dry rot can cause the boards and structure of your siding to crumble, sometimes without you even knowing it. Dry rot begins below the surface of the siding and eats its way to the main body. It can leave only the top layer intact, so it’s best to replace any part of your siding that suffers from this fungus immediately before it spreads.

#4. Outdated Color
Outdated siding color not only drags down your home’s overall aesthetic appeal, but also decreases your home’s market value. If there are no other signs of wear, you may not need to replace the entire siding. Instead, you can breathe new life into your siding in Atlanta by repainting it.

These are just some of the signs that siding replacement is due. However, it is still best to have Nelson Exteriors check the condition of your siding, as there are problems that only experts can spot. We will thoroughly examine your siding and advise you upfront whether a full or partial replacement is necessary. Call us today at (678) 283-8171 or complete our online form for a free estimate.


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