A Complete Guide to Vertical Siding Styles

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Learn More About Vertical Siding Options—and If They Could Be Right for Your Home

Homeowners interested in adding curb appeal to their home are often drawn to vertical siding options. It's hard to blame them—styles like board and batten, shiplap, and more are visually unique and often give homes a modern appearance that isn't attainable with traditional siding styles.

At Nelson Exteriors, we've installed siding on numerous homes throughout the Atlanta area, including many homes that opted for vertical styles. If you're interested in adding visual flair to your home, these styles may be worth considering. Here's what you should know about vertical siding options.

What Is Vertical Siding?

Vertical siding refers to any style of siding where the orientation of the boards and seams is vertical, rather than horizontal. This distinct pattern creates a completely different look for homes, often making the home seem taller.

Because siding is traditionally horizontal, this can also be a way to give your home a more modern appearance. However, with rustic and traditional material options available, homeowners can also achieve a balanced appearance by using vertically oriented wood and wood-look products.

Why Do Homeowners Choose Vertical Siding?

One of the primary benefits of vertical siding is the aesthetic. Because siding is so often horizontal, choosing an alternate orientation makes your home stand out, lending it greater curb appeal.

Choosing a vertical style can also provide practical benefits, as well. Vertical siding is often easier to maintain and clean, as dirt and dust cannot accumulate as easily with seams that run vertically. However, there is a greater risk of moisture intrusion if the siding is not professionally installed.

This style of siding is also rather flexible and able to be installed on just about any type of home. However, compared to traditional siding options, vertical siding can be a bit pricier, depending on the specific style you choose.

Popular Vertical Siding Styles

Vertical siding is available in a number of different styles, each with its own distinct look and feel. Here are some of the most popular choices among homeowners.

Board and Batten

Board and batten siding is quickly gaining favor among homeowners. Composed of siding panels and thin strips of molding (or "battens") to protect the seams, board and batten creates a textured appearance with raised strips of wood between siding panels.

Vertical Shiplap

Traditionally, shiplap is a type of wood paneling with overlapping rabbets used to cover both interiors and exteriors. When used as siding, it comes in multiple types of materials, including wood, fiber cement, and more, and it may be installed either horizontally or vertically. The result is a watertight seal and a pattern of thin grooves between boards.

Panel Siding

Panel siding uses long, broad boards to create a siding pattern with more spaced-out seams. Like shiplap, panel siding may be oriented either vertically or horizontally; Hardie Panel is a prime example of this style. Panel siding makes an ideal choice for those who want the vertical look but with a subtler pattern across their home.

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