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Exterior Painting Marietta

Can you identify the basics of a long-lasting, attractive exterior paint finish? Many people don't know that using quality paint alone is not enough for a quality exterior painting for their Marietta home. It includes proper applications approach as per the requirement of the exterior space.

Nelson Exteriors, your Marietta exterior painting experts

Quality paint

Choosing quality paint is crucial for long-lasting Marietta exterior painting job. Professional painting contractors assist in selecting the perfect paint for your house. Its quality depends on the condition of the surface and the size of the building. Here at Nelson Exteriors we only offer top quality paints and sealants.

Surface preparation

Scraping and sanding of high exterior walls can be hard to do. More than half painting time is used to do surface preparation. We always start the job with thorough surface preparation, repair damaged areas and treating the peeling will result to a beautiful finish and you are guaranteed many years without repainting.

Preparing the damaged areas

If the exterior of the house is damaged or rough, it may consume more paint. We will meets with you to discuss the painting project and review the work area. We will provide a specific scope of work with a written description including pricing. A detailed estimate that will help you to make a better decision.

Number of painting coats

Looking to have a light paint over dark paint on your exterior? We can help you select the right paint to cover the dark paint with the proper number of coats that is necessary.

In conclusion, all Marietta exterior painting companies are not the same. It takes experience, time and skills to give results that are beautiful and provide a guaranteed job that will last for years.

Hiring Nelson Exteriors can save you time and money too. We have all of the tools, equipment and manpower, required to do the job for you. You will have a positive experience from our experienced, trained and skilled staff that are courteous, friendly and efficient.

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