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Exterior Painting

Exterior Painting

Georgia weather inflicts a lot of wear and tear on homes. The extreme heat in the summer wears away at the paint's finish, and the high humidity causes algae and mildew to grow on the surface of the paint. The change in temperature into the winter causes expansion and contraction in the siding, opening up many cracks, joints in the wood, and other problem areas that water may get into, if not maintained properly.

Reasons to Choose Nelson Exteriors:

We pride ourselves in our prep work; we feel that no matter how good the paint product is, your paint job will not last if your house is not prepared properly. Our desire for such high standards leads us to assign a project manager to each job. They make sure everything runs as expected and ensure the work is done to our high standards.

We only use top of the line primers and elastomeric ASTM 920 rated caulk, to ensure our paint job will last for years to come in this fluctuating climate.

Products we recommend:

  • Sherwin Williams’ Resilience
  • Sherwin William's Duration

These products are lifetime guaranteed*; this is why Nelson Exteriors offer 4 and 7 seven year, transferrable, written warranties when customers choose to use these products. Our paints allow you to spend more time enjoying your paint job for years to come rather than repainting every few years.

These products are offered in a wide array of colors and sheens so we can ensure you will get the look you wish to create. We encourage our customers to try these tools provided by our preferred vendors:

-Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer allows you to apply different color schemes in several different room settings.
-PPG, has an incredible Color Sense game, which evaluates a person's unique color scheme based on their personality. We also offer a color consultant for full exterior repaints for those customers that would like an expert designer opinion.

We encourage our customers who live in communities with neighborhood associations to get their color selections approved at least two to three weeks ahead of their scheduled appointments.

*Resilience requires two coats for lifetime warranty

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