4 Designer Tips for Choosing the Perfect Indoor Color Scheme

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tips for designer paint colors
In design, color is the spice of life. It is the one element that completely alters the look of a room, so you really can't afford to just spin the color wheel and choose randomly. You'll want to go for colors that reflect your personality and make the room feel comfy.

Do you want a soft and tranquil ambiance, or would you prefer a bold and dramatic appeal? Picking a color scheme can be daunting, so let Nelson Exteriors, the top painter in Atlanta, GA, lend you a hand with these tips:

1. Exploit the 60-30-10 Rule

This means that the primary color should take up 60% of the home (walls), the secondary color should take up 30% (upholstery), and the accent should take up 10% (trims and accessories). Following this rule will help you strike a perfect balance among the colors you choose, with just enough pop to spark visual interest.

2. Design Vertically, from Dark to Light

If you fancy a conservative approach for your interior painting use darker tones for the floor, medium colors for the walls and light tints for the ceiling. This can instantly replicate the natural outdoor setting where the ground is generally darker, trees and building have a medium tone, and the sky is bright and breezy.

3. Consider How Lighting Will Affect the Colors

Lighting is a very important factor when it comes to painting. The rule of thumb to follow is:

  • Natural lighting shows the actual color
  • Incandescent lighting brings out the warm tones and yellows
  • Fluorescent lighting casts a bluish tone

As such, a strong color on the walls or next to a large window may seem too bright or overpowering, but can be great when used as an accent wall next to indirect light.

4. Make Small Spaces Pop

Rather than paint a small room white to make it look bigger, go for an attention-grabbing color.

Let the small rooms envelop you and add a little spice to an otherwise neutral colored house. As the expert in interior and exterior painting in Alpharetta, Marietta, and Atlanta, GA Nelson Exteriors uses only the best products and paints for your home. Our premium paint options include Sherwin Williams' Superpaint, Harmony, and Duration Home. Let us handle your interior painting projects with a professional's touch today. Call us at (678) 283-8171 or fill out our contact form for a free quote on your painting needs.